What is HL7 FHIR?


FHIR, is the latest iteration of HL7’s health data standards and marks the state of the art in health data interoperability. Compliance with the HL7 FHIR standards ( enables a seamless exchange of healthcare-related information for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. With an aim to bring HL7 FHIR to every stakeholder in the system, our products cater to individuals and organizations developing software solutions for health data interoperability and require adherence to the HL7 FHIR standards.  The coverage of our products includes clinical data as well as administrative, public health records, and research data. Moreover, we provide support for veterinary data as well. As a result, our products can be deployed in a wide variety of contexts, including in-patient, ambulatory care, acute care, long-term care, community care, allied health, etc.